Data Capture

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Traditional methods of data capture involve clunky, cumbersome and manual processes that are hugely inefficient and prone to human error.

Using our Proprietary Software Integrated Data Capture module, we automatically connect to your expense management system to identify and extract the data required.

There are two ways we automatically retrieve your expense data and transfer it to our secure database for analysis and processing.

  1. We have built a patented interface that connects to many of the world’s leading expense management systems to automatically extract the expense data. The data is encrypted using the latest 256 bit technology before being transferred and automatically uploaded into our proprietary software in real time.
  2. If your expense management system is not supported by our connector, our Data Analysis Team can log into your expense management system and pull the data across quickly and efficiently.

This automatic data capture process means that you do not have to spend time pulling reports, transferring data and no IT implementation is required by the client.

Our proprietary software enables us to aggregate data from a variety of different sources and structures it in a way that makes sense for your VAT analysis needs.

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