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Soluzioni intelligenti per l’IVA

Taxback International offers a suite of automated VAT solutions which help our clients transform their VAT reclaim process into a business enabling revenue driver. Our approach is always to develop solutions that clients can easily integrate with their ERP or EMS systems and therefore fit in with their business needs.

Taxback International’s Smarter VAT Solutions are guided by 3 fundamental principals, Expertise, Technology and Visibility.

VAT Solutions
Our Core Values


Operating since 1996, Taxback International is a global leader in VAT services.

We have successfully recovered VAT for over 12,000 clients ranging from SME’s to global companies, across all industries to identify key VAT challenges and realise opportunities for revenue savings.

Our highly experienced VAT experts bring with them a vast amount of experience and industry knowledge to deliver Smarter VAT Solutions tp our clients. Taxback International is the only VAT service provider who fully owns and manages the entire VAT recovery process.



Our systems have been designed so that they are agile and easy-to- implement. This enables our clients to avail of our industry-leading solution with minimum effort and no IT implementation. We constantly develop new technologies in key areas such as data transfer, data processing and reporting in order to keep Taxback International as the market leader in automated VAT Solutions.

Our automated solution connects seamlessly with the world's leading expense management systems, capturing the required data automatically, saving our client’s time and effort.

As clients’ requirements evolve, our software has the flexibility to adapt to changing rules, regulations and market conditions and can be scaled up easily for large global roll outs. From the outset, our automated solution has been designed to be easily configurable so clients can quickly launch their VAT recovery process and start capitalising on real savings for their business.



Our advanced reporting capability provides secure online access 24/7, ensuring our clients remain in complete control at all times, giving them full visibility over their entire VAT reclaim process.

Our advanced reporting provides clients with real-time insight through comprehensive reports while our online analytics enable instant monitoring of the entire VAT refund process in real time.


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